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The 52 Weeks Savings Challenge: Tips to Get $1,378 Yearly!

You need to save. Savings is one of the fundamentals of building up your business. You need funds to start your business, no matter how small the cost is. But do you have a plan to save in the first place? Have you heard of the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge? It's a...
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Two Persons Who Will Determine Your Success. The First Is The Most Important!

In this world, there are said to be two persons who will determine your success. The first person, is your spouse. What spouse? The one sleeping next to you, your wife or husband. The world's strongest wind is not a typhoon, but a pillow talk. Your spouse is the...
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Travel Kyoto and Nara For Less Than $200!

Osaka - Kyoto Following the post from "Travel To Osaka Kyoto Nara For Less Than $1.2K Incl. Flights And Accommodation (Singapore – Osaka)", we head to Kyoto for the next day trip. Though I managed to explore major parts of Kyoto for 1 day, I would actually recommend...
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