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Tips on Generating Income

The 52 Weeks Savings Challenge: Tips to Get $1,378 Yearly!

You need to save. Savings is one of the fundamentals of building up your business. You need funds to start your business, no matter how small the cost is. But do you have a plan to save in the first place? Have you heard of the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge? It's a...

6 Top Recommended WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Have your created your first website or blog? Do you know that there are some things called Wordpress Plugins that help your website to improve performance and make your website perform faster? In this article, I'm going to introduce to you my recommended plugins for...

Is Your Salary Increment Beating Inflation Rate?

Is your yearly salary beating inflation rate? Here's a calculator to help you check if it is higher or lower than the average inflation rate.   If your increment is not beating the inflation rate, what are the ways of beating the...

Learn Life Skills and Life Hacks

Story: The Day I Lost a Friend to Cancer

Facebook popped up a notification - It was my friend's birthday. The thing is, my friend never get to celebrate his birthday on 30 May. He passed away in 2013 after fighting a battle with cancer. He was a hero, but his story was never complete. We grew up together...

10 Brutal Truths of Life You Have to Face

Life is a long road, no one goes through the smooth way to be able to reach the other side of success. The following are the 10 brutal truths of life you will experience in your life: 1. Life Is Never Fair First, life is not fair. Often in your most unexpected time,...

12 Secrets of People Who Are More Successful Than You

You have work piled up every day and you never seem to finish them. Every day is like a mad house fighting fires with your bosses or colleagues, maybe even at home. But there is one friend, or colleague that seems to be always succeeding their career or life. But you...

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