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Learn How You Can Build A Successful Business Empire: Li Ka-Shing Shares His Wisdom

What makes a successful business? How can you start and turn your business into a billion dollar empire? Learn how Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong built his billion dollar empire by following this business wisdom and philosophy. Read on....   1. Start...
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You Have The Greatest and Most Powerful Gift In the Universe, Have You Used It?

There is a wonderful power in this universe. It is the most powerful and yet scariest thing. It can be the longest and the shortest, the fastest and the slowest. It can extend from millions to infinity, or divide into the tiniest fraction. It can be the fairest and yet the most unfair, the most generous and also the most miserly; It is the most neglected by people, yet it leaves them with the greatest regret. If you cherish it, it will be generous to you; If you ignore it, it will be mean to you, even punish you, and make you regret. You have this powerful gift when you were born…….

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Travel Kyoto and Nara For Less Than $200!

Osaka - Kyoto Following the post from "Travel To Osaka Kyoto Nara For Less Than $1.2K Incl. Flights And Accommodation (Singapore – Osaka)", we head to Kyoto for the next day trip. Though I managed to explore major parts of Kyoto for 1 day, I would actually recommend...
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