In today’s digital world, there are now many opportunities for people to make money other than their day jobs.

One of them is blogging.

Have you ever heard or read of people earning $10,000 a month from blogging?

It is true and you can do it too if you work hard enough.

This post will teach you how to get started with your first step in creating your first money making blog/website!


What is a blog?

A blog is a website where you can write and share your thoughts in words to hundreds and thousands of people in the world to promote yourself, your business, or it can be your hobby or interest. You can also make money from blogs. There are some people in this world who make money by being a full-time blogger!

So if you want to start a business or generate some passive income, you’ll need to start a blog.

However, many people will worry getting on the first step in creating a website because it seems so complicated.

That’s because they do not know what are the steps to follow.

Some might have no idea, some may have a little idea, but don’t know what are the tools that can help them generate passive income from it.

This article will guide you step-by-step to help you to create your first blog and also share the tools to help you start making some money from your blog.

Grab a pen and notebook, or bookmark this page. Because you are going to start making one.

Let’s start making one now.


Step 1: Think of a Niche

First of all before starting your blog, is to think of a niche. What is a niche?

A niche is an area that you are really interested or good in that you possess a lot of knowledge in it. It can be a hobby, something part of your job or something that you enjoy doing it.

Some examples can be:

  • Fly fishing
  • Tuition
  • Travel
  • Investment
  • Toy collection
  • Video making, etc.

It is important that you enjoy doing that niche as you will be spending a lot of time writing about it. If you are not passionate about your niche, it will be like dragging yourself to write something that is unproductive. It will be a waste of your time and money.

Once you have thought of your niche you want to go into, write it down because it will be the foundation of your blog. Don’t worry if you still have not thought about your niche, you can build it along the way which I’ll show you later.


Step 2: Think of a Domain Name

The next step is to think of a domain name. A domain is an address that visitors will type into their web browser so they get directed to your website.

Always choose a domain name that is the same name as your blog. This is to reduce confusion as visitors will only remember either one of the name, either your blog name or domain name. If both of them are different from each other, then you’ll lose a chunk of customers because they can’t remember your site name.

Some tips to remember when choosing a domain name:

tick bulletChoose a domain name that is related to your niche

tick bulletDon’t choose names which have double letters in different words, it confuses visitors who when they are typing your web address. (e.g flyfishinggoodness)

tick bulletChoose easy to remember and pronounceable names. Your visitors might have trouble remembering or typing your website address if it is too long.

tick bulletIf you can’t think of a suitable domain name, you can use your own name (as long it is available!). Using your name can be a good way to brand yourself.

Next, check if your domain name that you have thought of has been taken.

You can use this tool below to check if your domain name is available. Or click here.

If the name is not available, try thinking of other names.

If it is available, congratulations! You are one step closer to your first blog!

Go to the next step to create your blog!


Step 3: Create Your Blog in 20 minutes

First, you’ll need to look for hosting site and create a domain to start your blog.

There are 2 routes to choose: Free or Paid. I would recommend going for the paid route as it has more advantages and will have less hassle when your blog grows.


Option 1: Free Blog Hosting Route

There are 2 hosting sites you can use to host your blog for free.

They are:

Using free hosting blog is great for those who want to try out blogging. Many had started out with the free route as you can start with $0 to start blogging. I had also started via the free route, but I switched to the paid route to create a more established blog.

When you use free hosting, there are some things to take note of.


cross tick 2 small Your blog will not be very visible on search engines

When you get a free blog, you do not have your own domain (your website address). For instance, if you have a blogger account, your domain will be “domain”. Same with free WordPress. If you have a free WordPress account, your domain will be “”. Because you do not possess a real domain, your website will not be very searchable in search engines because of low priority rankings. When you pay for a domain, you have your own .com and your domain name is more searchable.


cross tick 2 small You cannot install custom themes and plugins

If you want your blog to be great looking, you will need custom themes. Also there are many great plugins in WordPress that help to enhance your blog. If you are on a free account, you cannot install any on your blog.


cross tick 2 small Ads

Free hosting sites may not let your place ads in your blog which can help you generate passive income.


cross tick 2 small Bad Customer’s impression

As your free blog is tagged with a “” or “”, it is more difficult to gain your customer’s trust compared to a professional paid blog. Will they see you as a professional blogger or an amateur that is not serious about their blog?

Most visitors will be turned off when they see that it is not a real domain when they visit your site.


cross tick 2 small Your domain name is not guaranteed

When you use a free hosting site, your domain is not yours. So if you want to switch to a paid .com domain with the same name later, your name may have been taken up and bought by someone. You may need to buy that domain from that person and it will not be cheap.


Option 2: Paid Blog Hosting Route (Recommended)

With paid hosting, you can start your blog for as little as $3.95 per month. It is a worth investment to look into if you want to start blogging as a serious business and generate passive income.

There are a few paid hosting servers you can choose for creating your blog.

They are:

I use Bluehost for my website (It’s great btw!) but I would recommend using Siteground (Awesome!) as your first hosting website as there are many good reviews on it and it has great customer service which is important for you as a first time user.


Creating Your First Blog With SiteGround

Why You Should Choose SiteGround: 4 Benefits of using SiteGround


tick bulletLow starting cost

It costs as low as $3.95 to get a self-hosted website and it is very affordable for those who are looking for a low cost to start their first blog.

tick bulletIt comes with a free domain

Usually, you need to pay when you buy a domain name which costs about USD$10. So basically, if you get Siteground, you save on paying for a domain name.

tick bulletIt is fast and has great support

One of Google’s ranking factor on whether your website is ranked top in their search engine is on speed.

Siteground has very fast loading speed as it’s servers are located around the world. Plus, their tech support are very knowledgable and helpful in case you run into problems with your website.

tick bullet30-day money back

It has 30-day money back guarantee! So if you are not happy with the hosting server, you can get your money back at no risk.

So get started now to create your blog for a discount price of as low as $3.95! Click to go to Siteground.
Web Hosting


Getting Started: Buying a Hosting Server on SiteGround

Go to Siteground’s website or click the banner above and click “Learn More” on the “Web Hosting” column.

learn more siteground

Step 1: Select Your Plan

Next, there are a few options. For those who just want to have 1 website, click the “Startup” option. But if you have more than 1 blog or planning to have more than 1 blog, it is best to get the “GrowBig” option.

Select plan Siteground


Step 2: Register Your New Domain

In Step 2, click “Register a New Domain” to get your free domain. Enter your chosen domain name in “Domain Name”. Also ensure that you have a .com domain.

choose domain siteground


Step 3: Enter Your Information and Select Your Options

Next, enter the required information and payment information to create your new account.

Select your plan, server location and how long you want to purchase your package for.

For Data Centre, you can have the one which you want the majority of your blog readers that are located in. For instance, if you want to target readers from USA, you would select “Chicago, USA” as your preferred server location.

server location siteground

For Period, there are options for 12, 24 and 36 months.

Period sitegroundI would recommend taking the 36 months as most hosting server will resume charging the usual price in the next renewal. So for example, if you choose 12 months, then in the next renewal, the price will be charged at their normal pricing of $9.95 instead of their discounted price for Startup.

So make use of the initial discount price and go for maximum period of 36 months if you can. You may be paying more initially, but you actually save a lot on recurring bills!

extra services siteground

In the extra services, check the domain privacy. It is important to keep your personal information private as you don’t want people snooping around for your information and also to protect yourself and your loved ones.

HackAlert is optional if you need extra protection against hacking. The tip is to protect your blog with strong passwords to prevent hackers from getting your blog.

Step 4: Complete Your Account Creation

Once you are done with your choice, click “Pay Now“.

pay now siteground

You will be directed to a Successful Account Created page and an email will be sent to your email address.

Proceed to the customer area and set up your website. There’ll be a pop-up asking you to install WordPress. Click on “Get WordPress Pre-Installed On This Account” and follow the account setup assistant. Remember to take down the username and password.

This WordPress is different from the free route as it is hosted on your paid server, so you get more options and customization compared to the free site.

Remember to write down the WordPress username and password! You need it to login to your WordPress website!

Click this link to see how to install WordPress on your Siteground host.

Once it is done you are almost ready to go!

First, you need to access your WordPress Admin.

Starting In WordPress

Your WordPress admin dashboard is where you control your blogging on your website.

wordpress login

To access your blog, type (replace “yourdomain” with your own domain name that you created). You’ll be directed to your login page. Next, type your username and password (which you have created when you installed WordPress) to access your admin page.

wp dashboard

Now you have already successfully set up a WordPress blog!

All you need to do now is learn the ropes of publishing your first blog post.

Click here on How to Create a WordPress Post

I guarantee you, it will be fun and you’ll spend alot of time playing with it!

Click the banner below to get SiteGround and get your own free domain!

Web Hosting

Stay tune to more articles and choosing a theme for your WordPress!

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