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Learn Who You REALLY Are With This Bazi Profile Test

All the years you have grown up from childhood to your current life. Do you know about yourself? I can assure you, 90% of us are still unsure who we really are and what we can achieve. Many of us, after a certain age, stop and wondered what is our purpose? We often...

Tips on Generating Income

The 52 Weeks Savings Challenge: Tips to Get $1,378 Yearly!

You need to save. Savings is one of the fundamentals of building up your business. You need funds to start your business, no matter how small the cost is. But do you have a plan to save in the first place? Have you heard of the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge? It's a...

6 Top Recommended WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Have your created your first website or blog? Do you know that there are some things called Wordpress Plugins that help your website to improve performance and make your website perform faster? In this article, I'm going to introduce to you my recommended plugins for...

Is Your Salary Increment Beating Inflation Rate?

Is your yearly salary beating inflation rate? Here's a calculator to help you check if it is higher or lower than the average inflation rate.   If your increment is not beating the inflation rate, what are the ways of beating the...

Learn Life Skills and Life Hacks

10 Hidden Qualities of Women That Are Highly Sought After By Men

Meeting a good woman, is a man's best blessing. What kind of women are most sought after by men?   1. Considerate Woman She is very careful, very insightful and able to reveal some of your signs and thoughts from your heart. She will share the good times with you when...

How to read faster and gain information by 40% quickly!

Too many books and too little time to read? That may be a common problem for many of us. Maybe the problem isn't too little time, but you are not reading efficiently due to some misconceptions about reading. Misconceptions about reading 1. You have to read everything...

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