We often like to travel and we would always be packing our luggage on mostly two occasions – before traveling to our destination of leisure and before traveling back to hometown. During my travels I found that some people have really difficulty packing their luggage (it’s one of the most stressful part for them!). I would like to share with you some of the tips that I found and also some of the tips that use personally when traveling.

Tip #1: Determine What Kind of Trip Are You Going For

First think of what are you going to do in the country. Is it going to be a shopping trip? Or a wild adventure trip? If it is a shopping trip, bring a big luggage as you would want to have space for all your shopping and souvenirs. If you are just going for leisure without much shopping, you can travel light with a smaller luggage bag.

travel luggage

Tip #2: Buy a Light Weight Luggage Bag

Buying a luggage bag that is light (size doesn’t matter as long as it is light) helps you save up the weight that you need to carry the luggage around. Also it helps if you are trying not to exceed the luggage weight limit after a shopping trip!

Tip #3: Have A Foldable Bag For Hand Luggage

It helps when you have too much things in your luggage. You can distribute them to your extra bag that you can carry on the plane. If you want to go with style while carrying a foldable bag, many air stewardess would recommend a Longchamp or Prada tote bag.

foldable bag

Tip #4: Put Almost Everything Into Ziplock Bags

Put all your items into separate Ziplock bags. They are cheap and can be bought from supermarkets. Ziplock bags are useful as they are waterproof, providing your clothes and items protection from rain in case your luggage gets wet and also protects any unfortunate spills in from your soaps or liquid makeups. Good thing about Ziplock bags is that you can vacuum pack it, saving alot of space in your luggage. You do not need any special vacuum equipment, you just fold the pack to squeeze off as much air as possible making it really compact. Its also a good store for your dirty clothes as it is airtight. Bring extra Ziplock bags for packing other things for your home journey.

 Tip #5: Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes up makes them compact and saves lots of space in your luggage. Combine it with vacuum packed Ziplocks. You’ll be surprised how much more you can fit into your luggage!

rolling clothes

Tip #6: Stack Your Bras

Help your Bras maintain shape while saving space by stacking them up and then folding them into half. Tuck your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inwards and help extend the lifespan of your bras.

folding bra save space

Tip #7: Stuff Socks Into Shoes

If you need to bring shoes along for your trip, stuff socks into shoes to make use of the little space. To prevent the shoes from dirting your luggage, use a shower cap to wrap the soles.

stuff socks in shoes