Planning to go on a holiday to Japan? Or wanting to learn how to speak an additional language? But you don’t have the time to go for a language course or just want to learn to speak the language for fun or will be useful in your travel. I was in the same shoes as you. However I found a method to allow you to learn to speak an additional language without spending much time and money!

learning japanese

How I am Doing It?

The secret is to actually learn from listening and speaking! Being a traveller to several countries, I learnt how to pick up languages during my travels via listening and speaking with the locals. Through this way I have learnt how to speak basic languages for the country I visited (it helps more when you visit the country frequently!). Hence I discovered a hack to allow you to learn a language anywhere, anytime. And this method helps me to make use of time during long commute and travel to work. Here’s how:

How to Learn to Speak Japanese

Step #1: Go to NHK World Easy Japanese Website. This website is a very useful resource for you to learn Japanese for free. It has a total of 48 lessons worth of mp3 and pdf textbooks for download!

Step #2: Download the mp3s. You can try downloading in batches e.g Lesson 1 – 5. It’s better to learn in bite sizes as you won’t learn anything when your brain gets overwhelmed with too many new things to learn. You can download the textbook for references too.

Step #3: Transfer them into your phone or mp3 player. Create a playlist called “Japanese Lessons” and place the mp3 into that playlist. For android users, just create a new folder called “Japanese lessons” in your phone’s mp3 folder and place your mp3 in there. For iPhone users, create a playlist in your itunes called “Japanese Lessons”, drag and drop the mp3s into the playlist and sync your phone. Now you have a playlist in your phone.

Step #4: Play the mp3 and learn! Play it during your travel to work. Make use of your boring days of work to learn something new!

You can also register to their podcasts for newer lessons. You can also do this for other languages you want to learn, there are many resources out there for you to find!

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