Having a steamboat gathering in your home? Here are the 10 of the must have ingredients to soup up your steamboat meal!


10 Must Have Ingredients For Steamboat

1. Prawns


Prawns are the mainstay of a steamboat meal! Prawns are yummy and delicious. Break the head and put into the soup to make the soup into a whole seafood flavour goodness. Other crustaceans that make the list also include crabs. Beware of the high cholesterol though for those watching their cholesterol levels!

2. Cheese Toufu

ingredients for steamboat

For the cheese lovers. The new trend of eating tofu for steamboat is combining cheese and tofu! Cook these tofu into your steamboat and get ready for some melted cheese when you bite into the tofu! Be careful of the hot cheese though!

3. Crabsticks


No crabs? There are always crabsticks. These crabsticks are cheap though most of them are not really made of crab. Anyway they still make delicious food in a steamboat!

4. Sausages


Another basic ingredient that everyone have. Sausages are simple and easy to cook, the first ones to be eaten while the other ingredients are still cooking in the pot. For more oomph, use cheese sausages.

5. Leafy Vegetables


You need some fibres to help you digest all the food! Vegetables add flavor to the soup stock make the food colourful! Vegetables can include Chinese lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kang kong, bok choy, etc.

6. Mushrooms


Another mix to healthy eating is mushrooms! Mushrooms that are good for steamboat come in different types like shitake, button mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.

7. Sliced meat

sliced meat

Not to be missed in steamboats are sliced meats! It can come in different kinds of meats like beef, pork and mutton. Can eaten shabu shabu style, just swirl the meat in the soup and once it’s cooked, its ready to be dipped into a sauce and eat!

8. Fishballs


Another mainstay of steamboat! Fishballs! Simple to cook and favourite among kids!

9. Instant noodles

instant noodles2

Instant noodles are like the mid ingredients of the steamboat after eating all the rich ingredients and then finally needing something to slurp on~~ Slurp!

10. Eggs


Never forget in a steamboat – eggs. Steamboat meals are not complete without eggs! Crack an egg into the soup to give yummy protein nutritional goodness to the soup! Savour the soup at the end full of flavour that you have added all the above ingredients. Or poached the egg and enjoy a semi-cooked lava yolk!

Quail Eggs

Another egg that is popular in steamboat is quail eggs. Usually these small eggs are cooked and boiling water first and then peeled and served as an ingredient to be cooked again in a steamboat. Beware of eating too much of these eggs though as they contain as much cholesterol as a chicken egg!

So that’s it! The 10 must have ingredients for a DIY steamboat dinner! Feel free to share this to your friends and family!

If you have your must have food for steamboat feel free to share them in the comments!

Have a great Chinese New Year and a happy reunion dinner for all!