In your twenties, you are just out of school,

searching and fighting for a good job, eager to find a foothold.

Some of you, may have been unsuccessful getting a job.

There are hundreds of different situations and scenarios,

but they all have one thing in common: we do not have things figured out.

Youth crisis is real.

During our youth, we are often anxious to succeed.

We tend to be disoriented and lost.

But not to panic, there is still a way.

If you are in your twenties, it will be a critical year for you.

Even if you are already past your twenties, this will be a critical lesson for you.

Because it will be the start of your success journey.

Here are steps that you should follow in order for you to succeed in life.

I trust you to plan, take action and complete it.


Read on….


1. Develop a reading and writing habit

Reading allows you to gain a wider perspective on the world and gain skills that others fail to develop.

There are many books written by some of the most successful people around the world.

Use that knowledge to improve yourself.

You can start by reading some of our recommended books and also using Blinkist to find and read more related books.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only once.”

Writing is a worthwhile habit to develop.

Writing helps you to record and organise your thoughts, helping you to be more effective at work.

Writing also helps to stay in touch with your soul, a record of your life experience.

Writing and keeping a journal helps to:

  • Capture ideas
  • Ponder about your big dreams
  • Get clarity and solve problems faster
  • Help you plan and strategize
  • To record what works in your ideas and experiments

You can write your journal in the form of online journal or blogs. But nothing beats using a pen and paper.


2. Select an area to specialise in

Choose an area that you can specialise in. It could be part of your day job, or a skill.

I know of a young woman in her twenties.

She was just a university student.

But she read a lot of books about marketing and also developed her skills in that area of expertise.

By the time she graduated,

she is already an expert in marketing.

While her peers are earning a starting pay of about $2,000 per month after graduation,

she was already earning more than $10,000 per month, 5 times more than her peers!

I asked her: “how did you do it?”

She said:

“Learn the skill and gradually gain and sum up the experience.

Then use the skill to your area of work.

The time you invested in gaining experience will be rewarded.”

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”


3. Establish a good personal brand

Build your personal image and brand. You are your own brand.

The way to success is having a strong brand and it no other than yourself. Your resume, your social networking site, your personal homepage, your business card, everywhere you interact with, will combine to form a brand that represents you.

Your resume, your social networking site, your personal homepage, your business card, everywhere you interact with, will combine to form a brand that represents you.

In the internet age, you must maintain your image, both online and offline. In this era, being low key and mysterious will not get you anywhere.

Neil Patel shares about how you can create and build your own personal branding.

Produce value and be purposeful in what you share.

Once you establish your branding, you’ll discover magical things began to happen, opening more doors of opportunities and collaboration.

4. Ask questions

We do not have all the answers, but many young people seem to be afraid of asking questions.

Listen, in your twenties, you need to seek information, more than ever.

Honestly, we do not often learn the necessary survival skills in school, be it financial advice, how to build a business, or how to reduce stress.

But knowledge is power, and it’s up to you to educate yourself.

If you do not know or are not sure, take the initiative to ask.

Bold pursuit of knowledge is good. If you remain silent, no one knows you have this problem.

The thirst for knowledge and curiosity, in the long run, will propel you to greatness.


5. Your attitude is everything, do not let it become negative

Growing up, I found how often people around have the tendency to complain.

They will complain how sick and tired of work, complain how bad life is, and in turn try to infect this negativity to their friends, colleagues and family members.

Because of them, I decided that I want to be in charge of my own life.

If you often complain, you will become a magnet for negative energy and this negative energy will make your life more difficult.

Don’t complain, look for opportunity and use it to change your life.


6. Know what is the most important thing in life

Is it money?



Fame? Or Social Relationship?

The choice you made, you will pay more attention in developing that part of life.

Once, a very successful businessman named JRD Tata had a friend who often misplaces and loses his pen. He will use only very cheap pens so that he need not worry about losing them.

But the friend was worried about his own carelessness habit.

JRD then suggested to him to buy the costliest pen he could afford and see what happens.

He did that and bought a 22 carat gold Cross pen.

After nearly six months JRD met him and asked him if he continues to misplace his pen.

His friend said that he is very careful about his costly pen and he is surprised how he had not lost any of his pens now!

JRD explained to him that the value of the pen made the difference and there was nothing wrong with him as a person!

This is what happens in our lives. We are often more careful with the things we value the most.

Choose the most important thing in your life and cherish it.


7. Learn to live within our means

When money in your bank keeps depreciating, it is important to plan our finances well.

You need to know how to run your own lives within your budget and maintain a good credit score.

Youths and young working adults these days, emphasize more on spending. Influenced by friends and media that the YOLO (you only live once) lifestyle is what they should go for, they spend on taxis, buying expensive clothes, dine in expensive restaurants.

In the end, with such spending, they become slaves to money and ended up with unhappy jobs.

Spend wisely.

Hong Kong’s most successful businessman, Li Ka Shing shared his money wisdom and given an outlining of a 5-year plan to improve your life.

Divide your income into portions for spending and savings. Also, use the money to invest in yourself.

It will pay off in the future.


8. Avoid quick get rich schemes

In your twenties, you are still driven mostly by emotions.

There are people in this world that take advantage of your emotions to get you to join in their quick get rich schemes.

In the end, you will be the one who will be disadvantaged.

In my growing up years, I have experienced and seen friends falling into traps of quick get rich schemes such as pyramid selling, fake investments and schemes in selling overpriced products.

In the end, you could lose your hard earned money, friends, family, and reputation.

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!


9. Choose carefully who you spend your time with

“Spend time with 5 successful men, and you will be the 6th. Spend time with 5 idiots, and you will soon be the 6th.”

You can make friends with people from all walks of life. But choose wisely in the friends who you will spend most of your time with.

Avoid “toxic” friends, or colleagues who will give you negative influence in life. They are not only a waste of your precious time, but also you lose the opportunity to spend time with a better person.

Look for people who give you happiness, inspire you, and give you support.


10. Dare to fail, learn from failure

Jack Ma was rejected 10 times by Harvard, he then started Alibaba, he’s now China’s biggest billionaire.

JK Rowling was penniless and her book, Harry Potter was once rejected by 12 publishers, now her books were the best-selling books in the world.

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Now he has grown the company into the maker of iPhone and the most profitable company in the world, Apple.

Dare to fail,

but learn from those failures.

Because failures are the best teachers in the world.


In your twenties, do these things

Remember, in your twenties, it is a critical year for you to get started.

Even if you are in the thirties or forties, you still can get started.

Time from time, you might get tired, distracted.

But you can do something for a better life.

Share these with your friends.

Share these with your children.

Follow these advices,

and I guarantee you.

You’ll be grateful for what you have followed years later.

Want to learn how to start?

Visit the Resource Page to get our recommended books and tools get started!