Are you planning a trip or flying off soon to Japan?

Do you find yourself needing data at the moment you touchdown in Japan?

How to get Wifi as soon as possible so I don’t have to waste time searching for Wifi?

These are the questions I was asking myself when I was planning my solo trip to Japan.

As my schedule was very tight by the time I landed in Japan, I needed wifi for the whole trip as quick as possible.

I was searching for the best and cheapest way for me to get mobile data when I reached Japan.

With only very limited time, I done a brief research on obtaining a data plan in Japan, it seems that data is quite expensive in Japan as most SIM cards and 4G routers have a data limit.

Still, it’s quite a hassle for me to find time to find a SIM card or rent a router for Japan. I had to find one fast.

Until I saw a promotion ad for overseas router from Changi Recommends.

It’s offering a promotion price for rental of their overseas router!

Best of all, it is unlimited data and no throttling!

It could be the most value for money for an overseas Wifi Router rental for Japan!


When I travel, most of the time I will need to buy a SIM card to switch to overseas line and data plan.

It’s abit of a hassle as you have to change the SIM card if you have only 1 mobile phone.

Plus if one is traveling in a group then you will have to tether as a hotspot, which will drain your battery life.

So with this mobile router, I don’t have to find a mobile shop to purchase the SIM card anymore.

I just have to turn on the router the moment I’m in Japan!

The good thing about it is the router works for the whole of Japan!


So how much does it cost for renting the router?

For Changi Recommend’s wifi router, it can go as low as $5 per day during promotion period!

So if you are traveling solo or in a group, it’s really worth it!

Plus, there’s no charge on the first day! So you are effectively getting 1 day free!

Booking your Overseas Wifi Router In Advance

This is mostly for travelers who are going for a round trip from Singapore to Japan.

All you need need to do is go to the website to reserve your Wifi router.

Once in the website just follow the instructions to register and reserve your router.

If there are discount promotions, do remember to key in the promo code. It’s much cheaper with their discount code!

Once you have booked your router, you will receive an email within a few days to confirm that your booking has been successful.

My Experience With The Router In Japan

I had booked a trip for a 4 days trip to Osaka and I needed to be online the moment I touch down.

Hence, I reserved my router via the website link.

A few days later, I got my confirmation email!

On the day of the flight, at Changi Airport, I went to one of the reserved booths to get the wifi router.

Once I landed in Japan, I switched on the router and I can have access to the internet immediately!

wifi router

There’s no hassle in using it as you just need to find the SSID and enter the password located at the back of the router.

In Japan, it’s really useful to have an internet connection wherever you go as Google Maps provides a lot of helpful information during your trip!

This is especially important when you have to navigate the huge network of train routes and also find the cheapest route to take.

And it’s fast too.

So no problem with the internet speed during my trip to Osaka and the nearby regions like Kyoto and Nara.

There is unlimited data and no throttling of speed, so you can go ahead and post your video online while on the Wifi.

I even managed to stream live videos on Facebook!

What’s also good is that the battery lasts for 12 hours! I actually managed to stretch a whole day of use from about 8am till 11pm on a full charge! Very useful if you are out sightseeing for the whole day.

At the end of your trip, just return your wifi router back to the specific booth locations located in the Changi Airport arrival hall and then you’ll be charged for the days of use.

So far it’s a really useful tool to have when you are traveling to Japan and all the more it’s really value for money if you book during their promotion periods!

If you are going to Japan soon or planning to go there,

and if you must have an internet connection the moment you touch down,

you should get this router.

Click on the link below to book your router!

Book My Router Now

P.S. Changi now offers JR Rail Passes for traveling in Japan!