All the years you have grown up from childhood to your current life.

Do you know about yourself?

I can assure you, 90% of us are still unsure who we really are and what we can achieve.

Many of us, after a certain age, stop and wondered what is our purpose?

We often call it the Mid-life Crisis.

Some of us spent half a lifetime before knowing our strengths and true calling,

Most of us, never get to know what we are good in.

Here’s something that I found which had helped me to know what is my true personality and the possibility of achieving success in the best way.

Read on……


The Different Personality Tests

There are many popular and widely used personality tests in the world to help you determine what kind of career you are suited.

One of them is the Brigg Myers Personality test. The test requires you to answer many questions to determine what kind of personality type you are.

There are 16 different personality types in the Brigg Myers test (I am an INFJ-T). I find this quite accurate. However, as time pass and as you grow, the results start to vary.

However, as time pass and as you grow, the results may start to vary.

The other personality test which I find a growing interest and popularity is by using your birth date and time. I find this test is highly accurate and fast which you only need to use your birth date and time.

We Chinese call it Bazi reading.


Introduction To Bazi

Bazi (八字) is literally translated in English as “8 characters”. It is better known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny”.

Bazi is said to be the destiny map of your life with indications of the opportunities and challenges that may come in your life.

Your destiny is set at the time of your birth, as a result of the cosmic energy called “Qi” or “Ki” that are in existence at the particular time, day, month and year.


The Five Cosmic Energies

There are certain energies (Qi) that exist in Bazi. The Qi or Ki is represented by 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

They exist during the year, month, day and even hour of your birth. These Qi actively interact and influence the life which you live – Your Career, Wealth, Relationship, and Health. Your personality and character could even be determined by Bazi analysis itself!

By plotting, analyzing and decoding our Bazi, we are able to know what is probably in store for us in life. However, it takes an expert to interpret the results. What we can simply do is to learn what are our strengths and weaknesses through Bazi.

Here’s an easy way to do it as a general profile test.


Getting To Know Your Profile Using Bazi

To do this, you need to calculate your Bazi.

This is done by calculating your birth date and time against a thousand years calendar using a set of algorithms created hundreds of years ago!

Now with computers, it’s easy to calculate your Bazi. Just click on the button below and input your birth date and time (It’s good to have time of your birth to make it more accurate).

Looking At Your Profile

Using the calculator provided by Joey Yap, you can see all sorts of Chinese characters in the chart.

Just scroll down to the bottom called “Joey Yap’s Bazi Profiling System”, you can see 10 profiles strength chart.

These are the strengths in you that you can use it to leverage and develop your path to success.

Those with 90 – 100% are the strengths that you have and should use it or should further develop it.

The profiles with 0% are those strengths you have a lack of, which can also indicate your weaknesses.

With this information about your strengths and weakness, you can determine your path of success, not limited to your career, but also other aspects of your life.

Do you have your chart?

Now click the button below to read and learn about your profile strengths!

Happy learning!

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