There is a wonderful power in this universe.

It is the most powerful and yet scariest thing.

It can be the longest and the shortest, the fastest and the slowest.

It can extend from millions to infinity, or divide into the tiniest fraction.

It can be the fairest and yet the most unfair, the most generous and also the most miserly;

It is the most neglected by people, yet it leaves them with the greatest regret.

If you cherish it, it will be generous to you; If you ignore it, it will be mean to you, even punish you, and make you regret.

You have this powerful gift when you were born…….


This gift is called Time.


Time Is Created For Your Life

From the moment we are born as babies,

we inherit time,

and time becomes part of our lives.

If you cherish life, you must cherish time.

We must seize the moment to do the right thing and do things right.


Seize The Moment

What do you do every day?

Do you wake up and say “This is the day to accomplish great things!”?

Or do you just spend all of your time watching Netflix?

Perhaps many people will have this excuse: “Today is not just another day? From tomorrow I will start studying hard.”

“Today, is just a mere 24 hours is it not? From tomorrow I start working seriously.”

“Today is just one out of the 365 in a year is it not? From tomorrow I will work hard.”

Tomorrow, and then again tomorrow, there are so many tomorrow. If you live for tomorrow, things will never get done.

The day pass by fast, then tomorrow, and your tomorrow becomes today.

So, your determination, your ideas, which day will you put your action, into reality?

“Those who discard time, time will abandon him.”

“Those who discard today, today will discard him. And those who are discarded by today, there is no tomorrow for him.”

So cherish the time.

We must grasp today, seize the moment and take immediate action.


Do The Right Thing

It is the know how to choose and prioritize important and urgent matters.

Economics has an interesting term called “opportunity cost”.

Meaning we can use the same time to do all kinds of things, but when you do one thing, you lose the chance to do another thing.

The lost chance of doing that thing, is the cost.

For example, you choose to play a game, and you will lose the opportunity to work and study.

Apparently, because if your choice is different, you spend the same time, the same effort, the same hard work and education, you can create a value much larger than playing games.

Therefore, we must often think: what needs to be done? What things have to do now? What things must now do personally?

Use 80% of the time, seize 20% of the key things to solve 80% of the problem.

Spend time wisely, invest every minute in creating the greatest value for yourself.


Doing things right

Doing things right is to form the right track of thinking, thinking model and thinking framework.

To find the shortest distance between two points is a straight line,

find the most suitable, most efficient path and methods.

For example, a huge stone blocks our way.

If you want to continue to move forward toward the goal, the first reaction of people is to move the stone away, and the reckless will try to move it by hand.

Moving by hand, they may spend half-day trying but still cannot move boulders; the wise will find and choose a tool, find the point of least resistance and successfully remove the boulder.

The former spent a lot of time, but failed to produce any value.

The latter, who is more efficient, more effective, skillfully solved the problem, with a minimum of time and minimal resources.

They create the most value!


The Two Kinds of People

When faced with time, there are two kinds of people.

The first kind of person feels that life is short, if not instant gratification, would not be one of life’s been in vain?

They have the “live for today, I dream in song, I laugh attitude, the time spent in the play.

While the another understands the meaning “Once past prime, the day can no longer be brought back,” deeply.

“Life is too short,  there are so many things to achieve, we must race against time.”

Of course, time will give two people with different results: First, doing nothing all day and ended up empty-handed, leaving only the endless remorse;

The second, in exchange for hard labor, they realised their value and won the respect of others. Leaving people to realise too, that will benefit future generations.


Time Is A Resource Many Successful People Cherish

Through the ages, many have shared the importance of time.

Steve Jobs said: My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

Two thousand years ago, Confucius gazed at the flowing river, letting out a long sigh: time flows like a river, it never stops for the day or night.

Zhuangzi also cited: Life between Heaven and earth, all a sudden, passes by quickly.

The scholarly text of “Huai Nan Zi” mentioned: Cheaper than a foot of wall, more important as an inch of shadow, time is hard to obtain but easy to lose.

Zhu Zhiqing, a renowned Chinese poet and essayist said:

“When you wash your hands, the day has past from basin of water; when you have your dinner, the day has past from your rice bowl…..


In This Important Age, Those Who Cherish Time, Fully Use Time, Will Be Closer To Success

Time is our greatest resource; time is also our biggest cost.

1 year = 365 days = 8760 hours = 525,600 minutes = 31,536,000 seconds…..

Have the spirit of “time waits for no man, seize the day,” keep in mind the “one minute is credibility, one minute is successful, one minute of life.”

Treasure every second, grasp every minute, do the right thing and do it to achieve each goal!


Time Is Your Greatest Resource and Your Biggest Cost.

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