Do you want to earn money as soon as possible?

Get rich overnight!

Are these potential scams?

We are always looking for ways to make more money and hope to quit our jobs.

With the advancement of technology and emergence of gig economy, there are now more ways to make money.

However, there are scams around that prey on your emotions to cheat you of your hard earned money, waste your time and destroy your relationships.

Here are some of the words and phrases that scams use to cheat you and how can you avoid being scammed by them.


1. Business opportunity for you! PM or message me!

You usually see this messages posted in facebook groups.

These people are trying to con you into investing into some fake business or are trying to rope you in to attend their MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme.

Multi-level marketing (or in today’s new name called network marketing) is a scheme which works similar to a pyramid structure.

The people who join the scheme will try to build their sales downline by introducing more people to it.

However, most of the time only the top chain benefit the most from this scheme.

Most scheme involves a pressure to get you to build your downline as fast as possible to avoid paying penalties.

While there are legitimate companies who uses this model for the sales of their products, many others are just scams.

However, even it is a legitimate company or product, it is not for anyone.

Just like a business, you need to invest in lots of time and money to earn.

Network Marketing is not something that you can get rich overnight.

Don’t be swayed by promises of easy money.


2. A long time friend who you have not contacted you suddenly calls you and ask you if you are interested in a “business project”.

It’s ok that a friend you have not met tries to establish back a relationship.

However, warning bells should ring if you get this.

It’s an old trick in MLM sales to get them to lure you into their sales promotion.

If you have such a situation, depending if you like that person, you may reject or accept their invitation.

If you do accept and they bring you to some place where the companies try to push you into MLM. Just politely decline that you are not interested after the sales pitch.

Don’t feel pressurized to say no and reject. You can still be friends.

Sometimes they may get their “more experienced” upline to help to explain and “pressurize” you to get into their sales.

Keep your mind strong and keep rejecting.

They may try some pressure tactics like:


“Do you want to quit your job?”

“How long are you going to be a loser by not joining us?”

“Fine, you can stay in your job slogging as a loser while people who have joined us have quit their jobs in 2 weeks and traveling around the world.”


No matter what they are trying on you to sway your thoughts, don’t get swayed by peer pressure.

The trick is to keep it cool and continue to reject if you find it really fishy or does not suit your needs.

As a last resort, just say thank you and leave immediately.


Are all MLM scams?

Again, I do acknowledge that some MLM companies are legitimate, but they use this sales method of selling their products.

If you are already in the scheme, evaluate the potential benefits vs cost of the product and ask yourself if you want to continue paying for a product that might not be worth or overpriced.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it what I’m going to use?
  • Am I overpaying for a similar product which can be cheaper?
  • If it is so popular, why must they use MLM sales method?
  • Celebrities or rich, smart people using it does not mean it is trustworthy. They can get scammed too, but the loss to them is not great and they can keep it a secret.
  • Do you have the network to sell the products?
  • Am I just wanting to make the money or the product is really good?


3. “I was once like you who do not believe in MLM, but this changes my mind.”

I heard this many times from sales people who done MLM sales millions of times.

They jump from one scam to the next using the same words again and again.

It’s an old MLM sales trick to convince you that this product will change your way of thinking.

Don’t be the next fool.


4. Win a car by liking this page!

One of the new scams that was uncovered recently on facebook.

free car scam

This scam has a click bait which uses an irresistible offer to get you to click on the post.

Once you click it, it will direct you to a landing page to get you to enter some personal information as a disguise to “contact” you if you win.

Once you have entered and agreed, you are subscribed to a paid service which requires you to pay for something which you do not even know you are subscribed to it.

Most of the time, these scams will try to disguise themselves as the official brand so that people would think that it is the real brand that is giving out irresistable offers of a car.

Don’t get tricked.

If it is too good to be true, it usually is!


5. Work from home!

This is also very common.

They will provide you with a link that ask you to sign up with a scam webpage that pays you nothing for your work.

Working from home is possible,

but make sure you use legitimate outsourcing services like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.


6. Curious photos or porn videos

These appear on Facebook quite often too.

The post would have a curious photo which would have captions to ask the user to click on the photos to view more.

Once the user clicks on the photo, they will be transported to a website which will install a spyware or virus into your computer.

This virus will then share the same thing to your friends and contacts.

Curiosity kills the cat, and your computer.


Have you experienced such scams? Share your experiences!

Here are 6 ways you can spot and avoid potential scams that you might encounter in your life.

The tip is to do research and also trust your gut feeling on such scams.

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