In this world, there are said to be two persons who will determine your success.

The first person, is your spouse.

What spouse?

The one sleeping next to you, your wife or husband.

The world’s strongest wind is not a typhoon, but a pillow talk.

Your spouse is the biggest key to your success.

No matter how hard you try, 50% of your success rests on the person sleeping next to you.

He or she can do nothing, but they can control more than 50% of your success factors, because he/she can influence you.

Most people do not succeed because they found a person who ruins them.

Similarly, those who are successful, most of them are those who have found the right spouse that helped them.

Your spouse, can either destroy you, or can be a source of your motivation.

From day to night, from night to day, day after day, year after year, his/her expectation of you, their conversation with you, will deeply imprint within your subconscious and finally determine the success or failure of your life!

According to psychologists, the opinions of others are more important than our own views.

The greatest influences in our lives, the former part is our parents, while the rest is our spouse.

Would Barack Obama become the first African American to be the 44th President of United States without the strong support of Michele Obama during his election campaigns?

Spouse will decide our fate, but we choose our spouse.


Your Success Depends On Your Spouse

Your spouse can either help your build better relationships or destroy your relationships;

they can either tell you: “you are the best, you will be able to reach your dreams” or laugh at you: “you do not deserve to have such dreams.”

At this point, some people may feel depressed.

Because they might be thinking: “What can I do when you tell me this now? We are already married, have kids. If our spouse is not the one who would encourage me, motivate me, what do you expect me to do? Leave and start over?”

This may be confusing to readers, but do not forget a very important thing: The Law of Attraction.

Everything is attracted to you, whether it is good or bad.

When your spouse chose to marry you, it must be because in his/her eyes you are the best.

Otherwise, if he/she does not see the best in you, would they have chosen to be with you?

Likewise, before you decide to get married with your spouse, it must be that he/she is the best, will be able to show your strengths, will be able to help you with your success.

If not, why will you decide to be with him/her for a lifetime?

So it seems that in the beginning, he/she can inspire you, and you can motivate him/her. Why has it changed?

First, because you have changed, so he/she has changed! What do you do? Divorce and find a new spouse? Of course not!

First, change yourself to be an active and appreciative spouse. According to the Law of Attraction, your spouse will gradually become just like you.

If you do not know how to, there are 2 books you can read: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and The Five Love Languages.

I believe you know how to do it.

In short, your spouse is the one who determines a large part of your success. You have to let your spouse become your support rather than your resistance.

Remember: he/she either help you to soar or drag you down. In addition, what determines your spouse to become into…….is you!

You know what to do now.

2nd Important Person: Your Partner

handshake partner

The second person is your partner.

When you give him the shares of the company, whether is he willing to go through the risks with you, tells alot about the importance of partnerships.

For every 5 successful people inside, there will be 2 people who is successful because they have found the right partner.

World marketing expert Jay Abraham said: “If you were to take away all my skills except one, I would choose “partnership”.

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, had many years of antitrust lawsuits with the United States. Fortunately, he found Steve Ballmer, who was able to help him deal with the lawsuits and help Microsoft maintain the top position.

Einstein was the smartest person in the 20th Century, he also told us: “An atom itself does not produce an effect, but when 2 atoms hit each other, it can produce 130,000 tons of TNT power.”

So find a partner who can “hit” with you, it will be the 2nd largest key to your success.

With who you can produce 130,000 tons of explosive power? Go find this person!

Some people could not find such partner, some people found them but soon dissolve the partnership…..

You must know how to partner with others and cooperate.

If Liu Bei did not find Zhuge Liang, there will not be China’s greatest history of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

If you desire to succeed, you must learn “how to work with people”.

You know what to do now.


*Translated from a chinese article. Source.

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