Everyone likes the good things,

Everyone wants to create a carefree, easy happy life, want to talk about love, want to be beautiful, want to earn lots of money, have many good friends, want to be respected and worshipped.

If I ask you, what kind of life you want?

You would say something like “I want to be happy every day, have a harmonious family, have a job that I love,” but this idea is too common, and having this idea as a goal does not give a practical significance.


If I ask you a problem that you have never considered before: Do you want a painful experience? Do you want to fight for something?

In fact, these are what we really need to think about.


Why Do You Always Give Up

Everyone wants to have a job that most people envy, wants to be financially independent. But not everyone can tolerate working 60 hours a week of long hours.

Everyone wants to fall in love, but not everyone is willing to endure harsh words, silent embarrassments, sadness and other mood fluctuations.

Therefore, many people give up.

After giving up, they will always think, if I had done this, this would happen. Over time they will change their thinking and began to consider doing things.




For example, when a lawyer gets home and sees the payroll in the mail, they think: “Why do you have to work hard to make money?”

If not for their living standards and status, then what is it for?


To achieve happiness you are bound to suffer some pain and frustration, something for nothing does not exist at all.

Optimism is the cure for setbacks, and before setbacks happen you can only try to avoid it.


The Price of Success

Our expectations for life are somewhat similar, we accept the good easily, but also often struggle in suffering.

Our perception of life does not depend on the good fantasy, but through our hard work and effort, we can change the bad things into something good, this is the true meaning of life.

Everyone wants to have a perfect body, but to have the perfect body is you have to endure in the gym for a long time and stress, to be able to restrain your desire to eat and adhere to proper diet.

Everyone wants to start their own business or to be financially independent.

To achieve this goal, you must be able to take risks, dare to experience failure and put in a lot of hard work.


Everyone wants to have the perfect soul mate. But you have to do some mental preparation, he/she may have mood swings, will be very dependent on you, will often call you, may never take the iniative to call you, but all these relationship processes, are part of the game of love.

If you can’t afford to play it, then don’t bother trying.


Success does not depend on what you like, but on what you can afford.How life play out does not depend on the experience of the good, but depends on the setbacks you experienced.

How life play out does not depend on the experience of the good, but depends on the setbacks you experienced.

Face your setbacks, and you will be able to face life.


What Do You Really Desire?

There is a saying: 知足常乐 “Be Satisfied What One Has”, but this is only an excuse to comfort ourselves.

Many people just know what they want, but do not know the degree what they want to achieve.

If you want to have something, you will need to pay the price. For example, you want to have a fit body, you have to endure sweating, pain and hunger.

If you find that what you want you have not achieved for a very long time, maybe what you wanted is just a fantasy, an idealised image, a false promise.


Maybe what you want is not really what you want, just that you like to think of having but it is not really a desire.


Sometimes I ask people, “Why do you choose to suffer?”

These people will look at me as if they’ve seen a monster. But the reason I ask is, in fact, the answer to this question will tell me more, not just your dreams.

Or fantasy.

Because you have to choose something, life cannot be without suffering, cannot be always happy and beautiful, problems are the most worthy of our thinking.

On happiness, all the answers are very similar, but the answer for pain are very different, what kind of pain do you want to experience?


The answer will take you to many different realms, will change your life, will answer your very question of life.


When I was young, I had a dream to become a rock star.

When I hear the guitar playing, I will close my eyes, imagine I am on stage playing for everyone. The stage below is full of people, the audience cheering and screaming for my performance. I can dream this for many hours.


Until university, I still dream about it.

Even after dropping out from music school, no longer practicing hard, I did not stop my fantasy.

I have to do some preparation for my goals, first of all, I need to finish school, and secondly, I need to save some money, and then I need to spare some time.

After that…….there is no after that…….


Why You Fail to Achieve Success

Despite my illusion for a lifetime, in the end the dream has not been achieved.

I thought for a long time, and finally came up with the reason: because I do not really want to complete it.

I just like the illusion of the end result, the audience cheering, screaming, but I do not like the process. Because of this, I did not complete this thing.

Practicing is tiring, looking for a band is tiring, looking for opportunities is even more tiring. These tiring process led me not wanting to achieve this dream.

A dream is a mountain, but I do not want to climb to the top of the hill, I just like the feeling of fantasy to reach the top of the mountain.

What’s interesting is this: I thought I wanted this thing, but in fact I do not.


If You Want Success, Be Prepared to Work Hard

Everyone wants is the return, not the struggle; wants the result, not the process; wants the success, not the failure. Life does not allow that.

What kind of person you will become depends on how much you are willing to pay.

Those who are willing to be in the gym who will have a good figure.

Those who are willing to work for progress will succeed soon.

The people who are willing to take risks are more likely to succeed.


“No Pain, No Gain”


The most basic element of life starts with: Your Willingness to Overcome Difficulties Will Determine Your Success.

Before you want to succeed, think carefully on what suffering you want to bear with.

Build the desire, not just a simple want.

Overcome the suffering, and you can achieve the success you always wanted.

Start now.


*Translated from a chinese article. Source.

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