You have work piled up every day and you never seem to finish them.

Every day is like a mad house fighting fires with your bosses or colleagues, maybe even at home.

But there is one friend, or colleague that seems to be always succeeding their career or life.

But you aren’t.

What is their secret to succes?

Read carefully as I am going to share with you 12 secrets that every successful people have and use.

Read on…

1. They Always Greet a New Day With a Calm Mind

Too many books and courses on personal success seem to see us as robots, completely ignoring the great power of emotions.

When we start at the beginning of the day, the more calm the mood, the easier it is to maintain a calm mind all day.

Because if we are in a calm state to meet a new day, we can easily maintain focus to complete the things needed to do.

If we wake up in the morning facing overwhelming pressure – phone ring tones, e-mail, SMS alerts, fire alarm, etc. – you will be in a passive response throughout the day.

This means that when you want to do those things that drive you to success, you are unable to focus, as you are only in the passive mode to deal with things someone else stuffed you with, you did not consider whether these things are important.

waking up

Try not to change too much in the first hour of the day.

Orderly morning planning can be extremely effective to help you find the feeling of self control, so you will not fall into the passive response to the state.

An effective morning can reduce tension and stress, make you more alert and more able to do your own work.

It is important to remember that what kind of work do you have on the day, which will have a huge impact on your productivity.

2. They Will Turn Off All Unnecessary and Useless Work

Sometimes, we all think, “Why can’t we finish everything?” The answer is very simple: We do too many wrong things.

Many studies have found that people blindly use their time to solve different things that keep reappearing, leading them never be able to complete work.

But, if they follow a well-planned plan to measure and track key priorities and milestones, the work efficiency will be higher.

So if you want to be more successful, reduce stress and do not ask how to improve the efficiency of doing something. First of all to ask is “Do I really need to do this thing?”

Although you can do something well, it does not mean that this matter should be done by you.

I think this is the most widespread problem on time management.

time management

Productivity gurus tend to focus on how to get things done quickly, but in fact, however quick the task is, most of these tasks are actually unnecessary.

Think about it, it is somewhat ironic – on the one hand, we complain we have too little time, on the other hand when we work in the order of priority, we seem to have endless time.

Therefore, try to focus on really important things, do not be disturbed by other distractions.

3. They Will Finish What Must Be Done Within 24 Hours

Almost everyone will complain about their problem, but successful people will put it into action.

I have said that now I would like to repeat: whether you have a high IQ or doctoral degree is not important.

Because if you do not act, you in the real world cannot change anything or make any progress.

There is a huge difference between now and later.

Have you ever came up with a great plan to lose weight or to achieve something great, but then the next day you said to yourself: Let’s skip today and do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, you never achieved anything.

Without action, knowledge and wisdom are useless.

It is that simple.

Successful people know that it is more valuable to execute a well-planned plan today than to perform a perfect plan someday.

They will not wait for “the right time” or “the right date” or “the right (impossible) environment” because they know that these reactions are derived from fear.

They will act immediately – because only this will ready make progress.

turning difficulty into success

4. They will Gradually Turn Life’s Difficulties Into Advantages

Many of the most famous novels, songs and inventions are inspired by extreme pain and sadness.

Therefore, do not be discouraged in the face of many challenges, because they may become the catalyst for the birth of epic masterpieces.

An emerging field of psychology called “post-traumatic growth” suggests that many people can take advantage of the hardships and trauma they have experienced, with substantial creativity and intellectual development.

Researchers also have found that trauma is particularly beneficial for people to develop interpersonal relationships, satisfaction, gratitude, personal ability and resilience.

We may see this world as a safe place, but once the illusion is broken, we will have to re-establish the views of the outside world.

We suddenly have the opportunity to look like the newborn, from a new perspective on the outside world.

And this experience is conducive to the personal growth and long term success.

5. They Constantly Challenge The Limit, To Stimulate Their Own Learning

When you challenge your own limits, get out of the comfort zone, then you will learn more.

Of course, it’s important to develop good habits.

“Heart Flow” is equally important.

But these two are not the best way to learn.

Sometimes you need to challenge your ability to limit yourself.

This process will be hard and uncomfortable.

But that’s the way the human brain grows.

Only out of the comfort zone, we will have growth.

When you are struggling, it is time for you to become stronger and smarter.

The longer you stay in a non-comfort zone, the faster your learning will be.

An efficient ten minutes, is better than being average for an hour.

In this state, you can improve your ability, constantly challenge your own limits, make mistakes, fall, learn from mistakes, and then continue to challenge the higher limit.

challenge limit

6. In The Face of Difficult Decisions, They Believe In Their Own Intuition

Intuition is very real.

And all wise people should not ignore its role, because it comes from our subconscious depth, from your previous life experience.

If everyone tells you “yes”, but your intuition gives the opposite answer, which certainly has a good reason.

In the face of difficult decisions, find all the information you can get, so that you have full understanding of the situation as much as possible.

And then let God give your intuition to make a decision.

Successful people know that believing in their own intuition is tantamount to believing in the true self;

the more you trust the true self, the better control you have on the process of achieving your goals and dreams.

the pursuit of happiness

7. They Always Maintain a Positive Attitude

In his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor wrote that a recent scientific study showed compared to doctors who’s mind is in a neutral state, doctors who’s mood are in a positive state have increased ability and knowledge and are able to make faster and accurate diagnosis by 20%.

Researchers later conducted a study on other occupations and found that optimistic sales staff’s peer performance exceeded 50% compared to pessimistic staff.

Students who feel happy before the maths exam scored significantly higher than those in neutral mood.

Therefore, our emotions seem to be only in the positive state will play the best results, rather than in a negative or neutral state.

Of course, this is not to say that successful people are never upset, but if you can carefully accept and release the negative emotions, rather than deep into them, you can significantly improve the efficiency of all aspects of life.

Spend less to think about how to solve your problem and spend more thought to consider how to manage their own mentality.

Always maintain positive attitude.

8. They Create Intuitive Reminders To Keep Themselves Focused On Long-term Goals

You want to lose weight, but when you are tired, you can easily find a reasonable excuse to let exercise and diet start again tomorrow.

You want to build a profitable company, but when you fall into everyday chores, you can easily tend to be familiar with yourself, not what the company needs to do.

You want to enhance the feelings with your family, but when you are busy, you can easily find the reason to say that they really need to solve the customer’s proposal.

Good things will not come easily, when things become tricky, we tend to choose shortcuts – even if this will take us to the wrong direction.

In order to avoid this situation, successful people produced intuitive reminders, to put them back on the normal track.

One of our friends paid off about $100,000 in debt over the past five years, and he posted a credit card balance on the computer monitor.

It would remind him of the debt he needed to pay.

Another friend put their own fat 90 pounds then photo and attached it to the refrigerator, to remind themselves not to become such a person.

There is also a person whose table was filled with family photos.

On one hand, because he likes to look at these photos from time to time, on the other hand, when work becomes tricky, these photos can remind him who he is working hard for.

When you are most likely to succumb to the inner impulses, out of the way to achieve the ultimate goal?

Find such a moment, and then use a visual reminder to interrupt the impulse, so that you achieve the goal on the road to continue.


9. They Write a Diary

Opera Winfrey writes a diary.

J.K Rowling also writes a diary.

Successful people will track their progress, set goals, reflect on their own mistakes and lessons learned from them.

They usually put these jobs in a notebook.

In life, if you want to go somewhere, you need a map.

Your diary is your map to lead you to success.

You can record what you have done today, what goals you intend to achieve, what mistakes you have made, and so on.

You can reflect yourself here, you can record important ideas, but also can track the goals you have achieved and plan to achieve.

A diary is one of the tools that is extremely effective but not fully utilised.

10. They Will Find A Mentor For Their Own Words and Deeds

No matter what you want to achieve goals, you cannot rely on your own to complete.

Learning from books is a difficult process.

Sometimes the internet makes it difficult for us to distinguish between truth and lies.

You need to have a predecessor to tell you some tips – he can be your mentor or coach.

10,000 hours of hard work can make you an expert, but what makes you put 10,000 hours into something? That will be one or two excellent mentors.

If you have studied the life of a successful person, you will find that the best people in all areas – athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. – have extraordinary tutors, coaches or role models.

Things become very valuable and full of meaning.

Sometimes, just by observing the tutor can bring miracles.

When we look at an example that we want to learn, we know exactly what kind of person we want to be, and you will have a surprising initiative.

Human beings are willing to socialise, and when we want to join a high elite circle, this idea will drive you to achieve great success.

“Look, they can do it. I can do it!”

Although it sounds a bit too simple, but out of time to study the excellent people, will be your most valuable thing to do for yourself.

11. They Welcome Sincere Feedback and Criticism

Elbert Hubbard once said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

This is a joking argument to those who doesn’t like criticism.

It is a good thing if you are criticised for speaking, doing things, or thinking about something unusual.

This means that you have a position on something at a recent moment.

And this is a very important part of success.

Follow the footsteps of successful people, you have to learn how to effectively deal with criticism.

For malicious negative criticism, you should evaluate after receiving it and then leave it behind, and for constructive advice, you should take action after the assessment.

People who pay attention to you – those who have had something like you – seek feedback.

Remember, to be kind to accept the feedback; so that people around you in the future is more likely to give you sincere insights.

12. They Will Remain Humble

The last one, is also a very important one.

Successful people dare to admit that they are wrong, and apologise for that.

They know that they cannot know everything.

They are knowledgeable, but also admit that their success should be attributed to other people, who are necessary when seeking help.

Go through mistakes and failure, and then try again without discouragement.

There is no permanent work or absolute truth in this world.

We are groping forward.

Learn from everyone, stay humble, do not forget to enjoy the good times on the road.

The most important thing is to act now.

Just Do It.

why people don't succeed

*Translated from a Chinese article. Source.

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