It’s Day 5!

After a good breakfast and a hot spring bath in the morning, it’s time to move out to a new destination!

Checked out at waited at the bus stop outside the hotel.

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

So taking the bus from Noboribetsu Onsen back to Norboribetsu station.

Took the JR train to Hakodate!

train to hakodate

It’s about 2.5 hours journey so reached Hakodate station at about the afternoon at 2 pm.

First I had to check into my Airbnb place which is located near Omachi Station.

In Hakodate you go around in the tram.

taking the tram

Taking the tram

How to take the tram to board from the back take a ticket from the machine and then you pay at the front when you alight.

Reached my Airbnb which is called Perry house.

Perry House

Perry House

It’s like a hostel with many guests staying in it.

Perry House room

My room

The room is clean and basic. Enough for 2 person to sleep in.

The host is very friendly and showed around the house and my room. He also told me about the attractions which are nearby and any good restaurants to eat.

Two of the restaurant he recommended: Benten Sushi and Tachikawa Cafe Restaurant Maison

Benten sushi

Benten Sushi

For homecooked meals he recommend going to Tachikawa Cafe Restaurant Maison

Obanzai Murakami

Tachikawa Cafe Restaurant Maison

At that time there’s a fireworks event for the day in Hakodate.

Hakodate fireworks

Hakodate fireworks

There’s pretty not much time as I’m only staying for 1 night so it’s time to venture out and have my late lunch.

So I walked to the tourist destination which is the Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses.

Red brick houses

Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses

What to Eat In Hakodate

What is the first thing to eat in Hakodate?

Of course in Hakodate you must eat their squid and seafood!

However, the timing was not right and it was a public holiday that day in Japan, so many restaurants are closed.

The next must eat food in Hakodate will be Lucky Pierrot burger!

Lucky Pierrot

showing lucky pierrot

It is the biggest fast food chain located in Hakodate.

takeaway burger

My takeaway burger

And it’s famous for its chinese chicken burger.

And it’s really delicious!!

chinese chicken buger

Chinese Chicken Burger for 350 yen (excluding tax)

They have 2 locations near the bay area.

One is the smaller shop where seats are very limited, so usually just do a takeaway of the burger.

The other is much larger with more seats so recommended if you want to order a set meal to dine in.

They also have a souvenir shop in the restaurant that you can buy souvenirs like their soft drink.

Forget about Mcdonalds, Lucky Pierrot is a must eat when you are in Hakodate!

Lucky Pierrot (Bigger Shop)

What to Buy

After that walked around in a tourist shop nearby where they sell lots of seafood and snacks souvenir.

In Hakodate, you’ll see a lot of squid products to buy! Great for having with beer!

squid cup

squid cup

There’s even a squid cup to pour your beer into!

Going to Mt Hakodate

Hakodate day

Hakodate is famous for its night view from Mt Hakodate.

So it is a must visit place!

At Mt Hakodate, if you have time, you should view the sunset from Mt Hakodate too!

Sunset Hakodate

Viewing the sunset

Stayed there till the night to view the night view of Hakodate and it’s gorgeous!

Hakodate night

Hakodate in the night

Tried to take a video of it! Watch it here.

However, be prepared to squeeze and wait to view the night view as there will be hoards of tour groups there!

So I recommend you go there before night comes so you can avoid the long queue.

It was snowing heavily after that and it’s really cold with the strong winds blowing!

After that wanted to have dinner but..

Unfortunately, it was a public holiday so many restaurants are closed and the only place I can have dinner is at Lucky Pierrot again!

They have a wide selection of fast food dishes like stir-fried noodles also.

After a fast food dinner, walked along the bay to watch the fireworks which lasted more than 20 minutes!

The fireworks was much bigger if you see it in person.

As it’s the by the seaside, it’s really cold out there because of the strong winds!

Ended the night and prepare for a very early morning to Yamadera in Day 6!

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