Good morning from Tokyo!

As usual woke up early in the morning for breakfast in Hotel Sardonyx Ueno.

For their breakfast included room, it’s very simple breakfast where you choose a breakfast set such as sandwich or pancakes.

breakfast pancakes Sardonyx Ueno

I choose pancakes as the sandwiches don’t look very appetising. Drinks provided are free flow.

After that, it’s time for a morning walk!

Yushima Tenjin

Before the Sakura season, there is the Ume (Plum) blossom season which is also a very pretty view to watch if you are too early for Sakura.

There are a few places to view plum blossom in Tokyo.

One of the popular spots is the Yushima Tenjin shrine where there are many trees of plum blossom to view and they have the Ume Matsuri (Plum blossom festival).

Yushima Tenjin

Morning walks should be reserved for temple visits as you’ll experience the zen and peace when you are there.

plum blossom garden yushima tenjin

The plum blossom garden

Plum blossoms

Beautiful plum blossoms

Admiring the beautiful plum blossoms as you walk in the shrine and pray.

So if you are too early for Sakura blossoms, why not enjoy the sweet smelling plum blossom season?

Plum blossoms season is usually the end of February to early March.

Tsukiji Market

Next is time for round 2 for breakfast.

When you are in Tokyo, one of the places must visit is the Tsukiji market!

Tsukiji market

Well, I didn’t wake up super early to queue for their most famous sushi restaurant but got to walk around the busy market and eating some street food.

Of course what everyone recommends to do in Tsukiji Market is to eat their sushi!


I highly recommend doing that. The sushi there is just really fresh!

Almost every sushi shop in Tsukiji Market is good!

Take your time to wait and let the sushi chef prepare your sushi and eat it on the spot.

How to fully enjoy the taste of every sushi is there should be graduation of flavor from mild to strong.

There are pickled ginger slices to clear your taste bud before you taste the next sushi.

Don’t randomly pick sushi to eat if they come in set.

There must be a reason that each sushi is served at a specific manner in the dish.


odaiba bridge

After walking around Tsukiji, it’s time to go Odaiba.

So using Google map, I walked to the station that will take me to Odaiba.

If you are new to Tokyo, you certainly want to visit Odaiba as it has many sights to see.

Of course, my main aim is to visit the giant Gundam at Diver City because it’s going to be taken down.

Gundam Odaiba

So it’s the last chance to view the statue before it’s gone!

It will be replaced with the Unicorn Gundam and I remember that they announced that it will be a moving Gundam!

Sakura Odaiba

Got to see early blossoms of Sakura there too!

Meji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

The next place I visited is the Meiji Shrine.

I like visiting shrines in Japan as they provide a very calm and zen feeling with a lot of gardens.

One of the notable you should visit is the Meiji inner shrine garden which costs 500 Yen to enter.

Meiji Garden

I recommend to visit it during the June period as they have a large iris garden which would be very pretty during full bloom.


Shinjuku streets

After a walk, I’m hungry so it’s time to go have dinner.

However, I’m just really tired and hungry after the whole day of walking outside. So I settled for just Ichiran ramen for early dinner.

Then took a walk around Shinjuku.

walking in Shinjuku

Got back to the hotel, bought some snacks and beer and enjoyed night snacking and watching TV in the late night!

Stay tuned for Day 9!

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