Life is a long road, no one goes through the smooth way to be able to reach the other side of success.

The following are the 10 brutal truths of life you will experience in your life:

1. Life Is Never Fair

First, life is not fair.

Often in your most unexpected time, life will give you lemons and let you taste how sour it is.

The sooner you understand the brutal fact the better you will be prepared when dealing with the troubles that will happen.

2. Everything Is Difficult In The Beginning

Let’s face the fact that getting rid of bad habits is very difficult.

A scientific study confirms this.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “thousands of miles, beginning with a single step.”

If you want to make a change, start with the single step.

Make a little action, any kind of action will be done, and then start from there.

3. Good Things Will Not Come Soon

Great achievements are hard to come by.

Think about it, do you have any other way?

There is a basic principle of psychology, called immediate gratification, meaning: we look forward to immediate returns.

But sometimes you want to fight the impulse in the brain, to believe that you are taking a correct path, even though it will take time.

4. In Life, Not Everyone Will Support You

Your life never lacks skeptics, people who are jealous and pessimists.

They will try to put you down with their mean words.

To overcome this cruel reality is simple: do not listen to them.

Stick to yourself, believe in your intuition, forget those who do not support your goals and passion.

5. You Cannot Control Everything Forever

Listen, letting go is not easy, especially if you are a capable person.

But if you want to continue to grow, sometimes you need to give up some control of things, let everything go with the flow.

This does not mean that your attitude towards things is “wait and see”.

You can still strive for great achievements, but after the effort, you can let go, to believe that God will arrange for you properly.

You’ll be surprised to find that everything will be smooth.

6. No Pain No Gain

This is a lot of people cannot understand the cruel reality: If you cannot take risks, then what you want to achieve and pursue will be more difficult.

Those who really change the world are the biggest risk-takers. They are willing to take the risk, rather than let their beliefs fail.

They think that every failure is a chance to grow and to become better.

7. Saying No to Some People, Your Life May Be Better

I know it sounds very difficult to accept.

But there may be someone in your life that you care about is the person who stops you from going forward.

This is not to say that you have to give up those who you love.

But sometimes you need to make tough decisions to say no to those who cannot help you grow.

8. Death Is Part of Life

In the face of the great pain of losing loved ones, we are always at a loss. The cruel reality is that this is a sticky loop.

But you can do something to make this less painful: From now on let them become part of your life.

Do not postpone a call to a friend or family who you have not seen for a long time or come to visit.

Every time you meet with the people you love, take it as the last chance you are meeting them, so you will not have any regret.

9. You Are The Only Obstacle to Your Greatness

We always look forward to the next good thing but did not realise it is in front of us. Do not be hampered by negative thoughts.

Instead, pay attention to the positive things that happen in your life. Choose happiness, that is now.

10. Sometimes Good People Will Encounter Bad Things

Suffering is part of life. But the advantage is that it will make us stronger.

How the world works is always random, it is hard to understand.

We will see this evidence every day, it will let you question the future of mankind. How do you see this world by your own decision.

Just remember, no matter how cruel reality is, will make you free.


Translated from a Chinese article: Source

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