Are you looking for a soul mate?

When will I find love?

Is it time to get into a relationship?

That’s some of the questions that many singles ask themselves when their biological clock starts ticking.

Wise men say, love comes when it comes. But is it the right period of love?

One fun way to find out is through Bazi. As my last article on Learn Who you REALLY Are With This Bazi Profile Test, I touched briefly on how to chart your Bazi.

In it there are hints on when will you have a higher chance of finding love or falling in love.

In Bazi, there is something known as the “Spouse Element”.

This element represents your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

To find the spouse element, first, you will need to know your Day Master.

To chart your Bazi you can use this Bazi Calculator tool.

Day Master is located at the Day.

In this example, the Day Master is “Gui”, yin water. So it is a water element. The Day Master represents You.

If you are a female, then from the Day Master, you can find the element representing your boyfriend or husband, which is the Spouse Element.

When the Spouse Element appears in your cycle, then you have more opportunity to meet the male.

If you are a male, then you can find the Spouse Element from the Day Master. When the Spouse Element comes into your cycle, then you have more chance to deal with female or money (old saying, with money, comes women for the men)

There are also connections with the animal signs in the following table:

Male element means Yang element, Female element means Yin element

Therefore if your Spouse Element is Metal, then you will have a better relationship with the opposite sex in the years of Monkey and Chicken or in the 10-year cycle.

The chart does not mean that you are more compatible with the person who is born in Monkey or Chicken! Bazi is much deeper than the normal zodiac compatibility.

What is a 10-year cycle? In the Bazi world, our luck changes every 10 years and it depends on the luck pillars.

Luck Pillars of 10 years

Every pillar is a 10-year cycle, so when your age reaches a new pillar, your luck may change for the better or worse depending on your Bazi.

So if you find your Spouse Element and/or in the “year” or “in the 10-year cycle you are currently in”, then you have quite a good chance of finding love, and those who are already in love, high chance of marriage!

So are you in love currently?

Disclaimer: This article is just a rough prediction only. One should consult a trained practitioner for an accurate consultation.

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