20 dollars, to each person, can hold different meanings.

To an elderly, you can spend a wonderful day with your wife.

To a mother, you can buy a dish for your family.

To a child in this story, the meaning holds differently….

Read on…


In a busy city, every man is busy working hard for his family, David’s family is no exception.

David’s father is a director of the men’s department in a big supermarket.

His daily working hours are 9 am to 11 pm. Always busy, his lunchtime is confined to a small room in the supermarket, while doing reports and at the same time eating mother’s prepared meals.

David has very few chances of meeting his father.

Every morning when he wakes up, his father is already out to work; at night his father is only back after his bedtime.

One day, in school, David heard some classmates talk about yesterday’s dinner and how their family spent their time together. But David thought, my father has not had dinner together with my mother for a long time.

Their round ceramic table has now only food covered with lids and a number of food containers.

This time, David decided to wait for his father to come home tonight.

Finally, when his father came back, David excitedly jumped out of his bed and ran to embrace his father.

His father, looking haggard, asked David: “What’s the matter?”

David asked his dad: “Daddy, how much do you earn a day?”

Dad sighed and said: “David, how much daddy earn, what has it got to do with you? Go to sleep.”

David, not satisfied with his dad’s answer asked: “Please dad, I’m curious, you worked so hard every day, you must have earned quite a lot.”

His father took a moment’s deep breath, and said: “Ah~ Daddy’s day wages? 20 dollars. Satisfied?”

David quickly asked: “Daddy, daddy, can you give me 20 dollars?”

David’s father replied impatiently: “It’s late, instead of sleeping, you are asking me for 20 dollars? Go to sleep, if not you’ll be laying in bed again tomorrow!”

David looked down at the floor, slowly walked back to his room, softly whispered: “Daddy, can you not be angry, I’m just curious only…”

David’s father entered the toilet to wash up and brushed his teeth.

After an hour, his dad reflected on David’s words and feeling sorry, he went back to David’s room, to see if he can comfort his son.

When the father entered David’s room, only to see David lying on the ground, holding a pencil drawing something.

His dad slowly walked up, sitting on the side and gently asked: “Are you not sleeping yet? It’s late and you are still drawing?”

David replied: “I’m thinking how to earn $20.”

At this time, feeling sorry for his son, his dad took out a 10 dollar bill and said: “Right now daddy’s pocket have only 10 dollars, you can have it.”

David happily took the 10 dollar bill from his dad and walked to his bed. He turned over his pillow, and took pieces of 1 dollar and 2 dollars to count.

His dad face was flushed red with anger, putting his hands to his hips and asked David: “David, you have savings, yet you still ask from daddy 20 dollars? Are you going to use it to buy a new toy?”

David smiled and took his savings, along with his dad’s 10 dollars, he placed them in his dad’s hands and happily said:

“Daddy, you see! I have 20 dollars! All for you, because I want to buy one hour of daddy’s time. I hope that daddy could come home early tomorrow to spend time with me. I have not heard a bedtime story from daddy for a very long time…”

David’s father froze upon hearing his son’s words, his eyes welling up with tears….


“David, tomorrow daddy will be home early…. and will read you a bedtime story that you love.”


Moral of the story

No matter how busy you are, do remember to spend time with your family and loved ones.

*Translated from a Chinese article. Source.


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