Are you unlucky in 2017?

Do you want to make it rich in the year 2018?

Have you planned for 2018? Chinese new year is coming soon! Are you preparing for the annual spring cleaning? So in this article, we will share about how to boost your luck with Feng Shui for the year 2018!

In the world of metaphysics, the start of the new year comes on 4th of February every year.

On the day of 4th February, the year will transit into the next zodiac animal and a new year of luck cycle will officially begin.

So how can you boost your luck in the new year of the Earth Dog?


The Wisdom of Life And Destiny

The general wisdom of life is that your destiny depends on 3 aspects: Heaven, Earth, and Man.

It means that in your destiny, 1/3 is dependent on heaven, which is your life chart at the time of your birth. Your life chart is your destiny that heaven has plotted for you to become in the future till you die.

The other 1/3 is man, which is the actions you take in your life that determines the future outcome because of your action. Your destiny is also dependent on the actions you take. An example is that you are born smart, but if you don’t study at all, you won’t pass the exams!

The final 1/3 is Earth, which is the Feng Shui that is surrounding you (where you live in) or influencing you from the past, such as burial site of your ancestors.


What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is part of a science called Metaphysics which originated from China and has been around for many years. It has been studied and used by emperors, astrologers, scholars, wise men and even military strategists.

You may hear about some families are always born rich or always have good careers. That could be because their ancestors were buried in an auspicious location and the luck is passed down to the generations after. Or some people experienced a change of luck because they moved to another house or country.

This change of luck is due to the change of environment or Feng Shui. And now with the advance of technology, you can use the knowledge of Feng Shui to improve or change your life.


How to do basic Feng Shui

Fengshui is all about location and direction. If you have no idea how to do Feng Shui, don’t worry! All you need is a compass, a floor plan (if you own the house) and some common sense.

1. Take Your House Floor Plan

You need to have your house’s floor plan to do Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can be quite specific, so you need to have some reliable data to do a good Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, it’s all about location and direction.

floor plan HDB

2. Overlay a 9 Square Grid Over Your Floor Plan

Overlay a 9 square grid over the plan.

You can scan your house’s floor plan and use a powerpoint to overlay an excel grid.

In normal Feng Shui called the Flying Stars method, the luck is divided into 9 different sectors.

Each sector represents a luck star that is residing in it. So if you have a property, you can take your floor plan and divide it into 9 squares equally, starting with the centre of your home. You can further subdivide the sector again for a room in a house.

HDB with 9 squares

Overlay with a grid. You can use powerpoint to do it

3. Look at the Numbers In The Grids For The Year

Then there will be a direction for the grid, just like a compass. And then the stars living inside the sector is represented by a number.

Every year the numbers will change due to the movement of the stars.

Let’s take a look at the grid for the year 2018.

Flying Stars Grid 2018

Flying Stars Grid For 2018

4. Align The Floor Plan According To The Compass

Now you got the numbers, take your compass, stand at the centre of your home and determine the direction of your house.


So after aligning you should know where your house is facing.

Flying stars for 2018

Direction and Sectors for 2018

5. Look What Sectors Are Good Or Bad

Let’s see what sectors you should be using!

Using the sector meaning, you are spending most of your activity in it. Let’s take a look at the sectors!

bad sectors

The Bad Sectors To Avoid

Not all sectors are considered lucky.

There are bad sectors that you want to avoid for the whole year.

Don’t do any renovation or knocking on the walls such as hammering a nail into the wall that sector.

Just avoid living or using that sector which is the best.

If you are sleeping/ or doing most of your work in that sector, then don’t have to be worried, your room can be subdivided with the same grid and choose another place in the room to sleep in or work in.


East (Star 7 – Robbery Star)

This year the East is a bad sector as it will invoke many conflicts and emotions for the person who sleeps and stay in that sector.

The star is also called the Robbery Star is because of the susceptibility to theft, violence and loss of wealth.

If you are located in the sector or facing the East in your workplace, you might encounter a lot of office politics and competition. It is important to take care of your health this year due to such politics.


North (Star 5 – Five Yellow Star)

This is the most inauspicious sector for the year as it contains the most unluckiest star – The Five Yellow Star.

The star is known to bring misfortune and accidents and worst case scenario, death.

Hence, one should avoid using sector as much as possible, or better, do not use it at all!

It is advisable to avoid doing any renovation works or refurbishment in that sector.

This sector can be also used to change a person’s bad luck to become lucky. However, unless you are a well trained Feng Shui specialist, do not activate the sector by putting any “auspicious” activating factors like fish tanks or large water fountains to reduce the bad luck. You are making it worse.

Best to leave it untouched.

If you are located in the sector in 2018, try moving out of the sector or shift your table or bed before 4th February 2018.


Northeast (Star 3 – Argument Star)

Best to avoid this sector also as it will promote disagreements and arguments, and maybe lawsuits this year.

That’s why it’s called the Argument Star.


West (Star 2 – Illness Star)

The star 2 – Illness star is the 2nd most unluckiest star.

This star usually causes illness and misfortune in the family.

If you are located in this sector, you’ll likely to fall sick more often or take trips to the hospital.

The way to avoid it is not to sleep or work in this sector.

Best to avoid activating this sector also.


scholarly sectors

The Scholarly Sectors

For those who are pursuing studies this year, or have children who are going to study for PSLE or ‘O’ levels, you can use these sectors to leverage on yourself or your children’s study luck.

It’s the secret way to scoring better results!

South (Star 4 – The Scholastic Star)

This sector favours academic pursuits and other fields such as creativity and artistic skills.

This star is very favourable to a family with children who are students, which can improve study luck.

If the desk or bed is placed facing due south, the person’s learning efficiency can be improved.

So if you have a sector in the south, use it as your study room for 2018! The exception that when this sector is your toilet – you can’t be studying in a toilet right?


career sectors

The Career/Business Sectors

For those who would like to pursue a career path and climb the corporate ladder, using these sectors would benefit you and help you to gain recognition and even promotions.

Northwest (Star 1 – Victory White Star)

This sector is useful for those who are working and pursuing to climb the corporate ladder.

This star belongs to one of the 3 most auspicious star which mainly in charge of people’s career, fame and marriage.

Use it to boost your career and wealth as it also provides travelling opportunity.

If you are an employee and your office is in this sector, your hard work will be recognised by your bosses and colleagues.

However, in this year 2018, this sector also hosts the Tai Sui 太岁(Grand Duke) in Northwest 1 (292.5deg – 307.5 deg) which is unlucky (displeasing the Tai Sui). So try to avoid the specific area of influence.

For those who are in the research field and pursuing their Ph.D., use this sector to boost your writing and research skills. Also its good for thinking about life.


Southwest (Star 6 – The Heaven Star)

This sector which has the Heaven Star is great for career progression as you may get recognition for your hard work and efforts, giving you a promotion or salary increment.

Therefore, it is an excellent sector to use if you are looking to move up the career ladder or gaining recognition at work.


wealth sectors

The Wealth Sectors

Wealth is what many people are pursuing in this world of the rat race. Who wouldn’t want to be rich? If you want to be richer, use these sectors!

Southeast (Star 8 – Prosperity Wealth Star)

Using this sector often will bring about wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

If you are situated in this sector, do expect some good returns on your investments.

Also, if you are also in your career pursuit, you might get some promotion in your work from your efforts.

If your main front door is facing southeast, you can expect good luck and returns.

You can activate the sector by playing music or tv often or having a huge moving water structure or aquarium in that sector.


Centre (Star 9 – The Purple Multiplying Star)

Why is this special star called the multiplying star?

It is because it is able to copy the quality of the other star (lucky or unlucky!). So use it in combination with other lucky stars!

It is usually associated with auspicious things to the family. It brings good news, happy events, weddings, baby births, promotion, glory and fame. Everyone benefits!

This star is considered to be the 2nd best in the lucky stars.

Keep this place tidy, well ventilated, well lit and use it often. Happiness will come to the family.


Romance sectors

Romance Sectors

Some people may have already the wealth and career but yet they are looking for their soul mate or a relationship. Using these sectors for love will help you find the man or woman you are looking for!

Northwest (Star 1 – Victory White Star)

This star is also good for those looking for romance.

It will provide relationship boost for those who are looking to network or pursue a love interest.


South (Star 4 – The Romance Star)

Star 4 is not only the scholarly star, it is also home to the romance star.

For those who are single and unmarried, use this sector more often and you will likely able get attached and find a good relationship.

However, it comes with a side effect for those who are married or are in a relationship. As it is a peach blossom star, it will also attract love affairs and depression due to love.



So that’s the sectors that you can use to boost your luck in the year 2018!

These luck will last for the whole year so make use of it to benefit you and your family!

Remember, these are just a guide and don’t be too worried if your wealth sector is in the toilet! You don’t have to sleep in the toilet!

However, do use a compass to know exactly where your sector is facing. Feng Shui is like science, you have to be accurate also.

The main takeaway of Feng Shui is: Just avoid the bad sectors to ensure a smooth journey in the year!

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