Many people have two pursuits for life:

One is to be rich, the other is to be valuable.

Being rich and being valuable are two different levels,

Rich people are not necessarily valuable.

A person who is rich,

Better make themselves become valuable,

Because valuable talent is then the most successful.


The Most Valuable Thing

In a person’s life, the most valuable thing,

Is not money or wealth, or fame and power,

But is a person’s integrity, conservation, cultivation and quality.

Everyone will make money, but not everyone is worthy.

Work will make you money, but learning will make you valuable!

More important than making money, is making yourself more valuable.


Which Is More Important?

Making money or being valuable, in the end, which is more important?

Making money and being valuable are two different things.

Making money is an external short-term behaviour,

Being valuable is an inherent long-term result.

Being able to make money may not necessarily make you valuable,

But being valuable can exceed money.

The more you care about money, the more you cannot make big money.

The more do not care about the money, the more chance to make big money.

The more capable people will make more money.

However, the more valuable people, it will even make more money.

Where your money is spent, is where your heart is.


Learn a Skill

In this rapidly changing world,

You must have a skill,

To ensure that you can survive in any environment.

When your influence goes beyond money,

when your personal values are fully reflected,

Then you will remove yourself from the embarrassing situation of survival mode.

By then, no amount of money will be able to measure your value.

No matter what industry you are engaged in and what kind of stunts,

Becoming a valuable person, is the best way to make money.


Before You Complain…

Before you complain about making too little money, learn to make yourself more valuable.

If you want to make yourself more valuable,

The most important thing is moving from material things to spirituality,

From the inside to the outside, constantly improve your core values.

If you do not believe in hard work and time,

Then time will catch up to you.

Do not deny your past,

All that is invisible precious wealth.

Do not use your past to involve your future,

Because your future is no longer subject to the limitations of the past.

Do not hope to persist,

But to persist before you see hope.

Make yourself worth more every minute,

Instead of using more money to exchange for lost time.


How to Make Yourself More Valuable?

Learn to improve professional knowledge and skills,

Learn to improve learning and thinking ability.

Learn to improve interpersonal skills.

Learn to improve personality and charisma.

Read an hour a day,

Instead of watching a Netflix episode for an hour.

Exercise one hour a day,

Instead of insisting on snoozing for an hour.



Life is just like a morning dew,

To be like a water,

Being clear, mindful and quiet,

Disregard disputes, fearless gossip, fear of suspicion,

Then you’ll live with a peace of mind, relaxed and happy!

Only by changing your attitude can you change the height of your life.

More importantly than making money, is to make yourself more valuable!




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