Successful people, do not become successful by chance.

They are successful because of their extraordinary behaviour, habits and strict expectations of themselves.

Do you see the difference between yourself and them?

If you want to become like them, why not change yourself?

All you need to do is change your behaviour and habits.

We share some important bits of advice on time management which you can follow!


The #1 most important thing is awareness…

Many of us are unaware of how unproductive we are in our time management.

Only when you realise that your time management is not very good, you will want to change.

You’ll start to change your ideas and behaviours and exercise good habits.

So if you want to change your time management, the pre-requisite is to obtain self-awareness.


#2 Set your own goals and plans

Unless you set goals for yourself, you will have to worry about wasting time.

You will want to manage your own time and make more efficient use of your time.

Set goals such as writing down what you want to achieve by a certain period of time.

Many experts recommend being as specific as possible, like writing down “lose 5 pounds within 3 weeks”.

Then use the goal to plan how you can get there.

In work tasks, you can use the Pomodoro technique with a tomato timer.

Without planning, you do not know which direction you should go.

In the end, you are just blindly mixing time.

Sooner or later, when you wake up, the only regret is wasting your youth and hard work.


#3 The hardest part is the choice

In time management, the final result you get is about the choices you made.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week.

This is fair.

But most of the time, many things are unfair.

Your efforts may not necessarily have results, and the efforts that are ineffective will surely be fruitless.

So how to make the right choice, how do you choose?

Every choice you made there will be a sacrifice.

If you choose work, you’ll have to sacrifice time for family or friends. If you choose freedom, you’ll have to give up something in your life.

You have to prioritise.

Do the most important task or goal that you really treasure.

To finish your own goal plan is to make a tough decision.

You have to choose, being seduced, choose, make a choice between competing priorities.

What do you want, what are you going for, or are you following the crowd?


#4 Learn to “create” time

In a limited weekly schedule, you have to learn to find time to turn a non-scheduled time into effective task/result.

Calendars are there for a reason.

When you use calendars to find out the day, or what is the free time in a week, you can effectively it to do planning, instead of sitting and waiting for things to happen.

Enhance your abilities through exercises and a healthy diet, get yourself energized, work more efficiently and make most of every hour of its play.


#5 Procrastination is the biggest enemy

Procrastination is something everyone is aware of and hates.

But you have to fight it again and again.

Your life, you can choose to go either forward or backwards.

Either you move toward your goal, closer and closer, to complete your plan.

Or you procrastinate, get away from your goal and likely to fail.

Procrastination, it is so terrible.

So you have something to need to do right now, immediately go implement it.


#6 Develop a “clean mind” habit

Many times we are overwhelmed with thoughts and work tasks to do.

Your boss always expects you to do last minute work tasks. You got deadlines to meet.

In the end, your mind is like a torrent of disasters.

Make your mind clear, just like the lake, clean and peaceful.

Clean up your work area, your living environment.

Organize them.

Systematically place miscellaneous thoughts, debris apart.

You will significantly improve your quality of life and effective management of time.

Miscellaneous clutter is an obstacle to efficient and powerful thinking.

That is, we often say “clean-up”.

When you clean them up, your thoughts and thoughts are liberated and free.


#7 Being well-planned and prepared, is the beginning of success

By thinking ahead about the goals you want to accomplish for particular time or project, you can increase the success rate of this matter or plan and be aware of it.

Because you can prepare yourself with the right mindset and skills.

If you lack the skills for the particular project, go read and learn about it.

This is the so-called sharping of the axe to chop firewood.

Once you got the firewood, all you need is the fire to ignite your passion or business!

Therefore, being prepared is better than blind implementation.


#8 Set the priorities of things, improve efficiency

Develop the habit of doing list, work lists, and prioritise.

It means controlling yourself and deciding what to do first.

By identifying which are the most important items to organize for each of your everyday lives, you can increase the likelihood that you want to reach your goal.

And remember the 80-20 law, to complete 80% of your goal, is to have 20% of the behaviour.


#9 Focus, concentrate on the key to accomplish your goal

Focus, is the important word in many successful people.

If you are not focused, your mind is clouded.

Your sight is blurred.

You don’t get things done.

Hence, reduce the interference in your work process.

Focus all the work done on your hands.

Develop a focused habit so that your efficiency is doubled.

Distraction is the killer of dreams, they will reduce your intelligence.


#10 Choose your own effective time management skills

There are many time management techniques out there.

Some are helpful to you, others may be useless to you.

You have to find your own time management skills and stick to the right habits.

You can try and experiment the different ways to see which are the most effective for you.

Most of all, you have to take full advantage of yourself.

After work, is what determines your future.



Remember that today’s choices, behaviours, and the quality of life are what you decide.

Success is not casually by chance.

If you do not want to regret wasting your life, follow these 10 important time management advices!


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