I thought it would be helpful to share with you the great books you should read and the tools I used. I’ll update as I learn more useful tools that you can use too. I recommend bookmarking it for your future reference!

Before you dig in these awesome resources, an important disclosure.

Some of these links are affiliate links, which comes at no additional cost to you. I will earn a commission if you decided to make a purchase and I appreciate it. Please understand that I do use these products and I would like to share and recommend them to you cause I find them very useful to me. Only purchase them if you think they are also useful to you just like it had helped me.

Top Recommended Starter Books

These are my top recommended starter books to help you start.

Think And Grow Rich

This is the book that started it all. Written by Napoleon Hill, this book is the number one recommended reading by every entrepreneur. This book contains the wisdom of over 500 successful people interviewed by Napoleon Hill and then condensed into 13 principles to achieve phenomenal success. This book is a definite first book to start with if you want to learn and improve yourself.


The Power of Habit

Next thing to do after you are inspired by reading Think and Grow Rich. You will need to change your bad habits into good ones. And The Power of Habit describes how one’s habit is difficult to change but it can be modified. Successful people always follow a good routine that enables them to what they are today. This is another book you must read in order for you to gain success.



Our mindset is very important in our lives as it can be the deciding factor between failure and success. Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can learn and change and grow – or not. In this book, it writes about how people who have a fixed mindset believe in innate talent and have fear of failure. On the other hand, people with growth mindset learn from failures, work hard and train hard to realise their fullest potential. A very good book and another must read on the list!


The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

A lot of times we seem to do many things at one time but we feel that we are not achieving what we want. In your work, there’s a daily barrage of emails, messages and meetings that distract and stress you. On the other hand, you have to juggle between work and personal commitments and family leaving you with 2nd rate work performance, lesser paycheck and lots of stress. You want more productivity in your work and life. The One Thing is just the book you need to read. This book is a gem for every entrepreneur and people who found themselves stuck. It teaches you how to get extraordinary results just by simply focusing and doing The ONE Thing in your work and life. A must read!

Top Recommended Starter Tools

These are my top recommended starting tools for you to use



For those who still have no idea what book to read, why not try Blinkist? Blinkist is a site (also you can download the app) that summarizes a whole book into bite size summary. It’s good for people who want to get exposed to different books but don’t have time to read so many books. It also has an audio reading for those who prefers to listen rather than read. To me, it’s really useful if you just want to have a short preview of the book, then buy it.
The app is free, and after a certain amount of days, it will limit you to the 1 book of the day. It’s worth the try!


mindmeister logo


One of the steps to tidy up your life is to plan. And I found the best way to plan is to use a mind map. Mind maps are really powerful tools to use and has been recommended by many for studying and planning. I use it to plan my goals and actions to take. You can create a few mind maps for free and they have a great looking interface that is easy to use. You can connect your maps with their mobile app which comes in handy whenever you need to review or remind you about your goals. It’s really useful!




In your work and studies, one of the skills you need to have is writing. But sometimes we do not have a perfect command of English when we write. Some of the common mistakes are spelling and grammar.

However, now there is a tool which helps you to write better articles and work documents! One of the tools I use during writing is called Grammarly. It is a tool that can be installed into your chrome browser or word document and it helps to keep track of your mistakes that you make during writing. It is definitely a great tool to help you write more effectively!

Tools to Build Your First Website


Bluehost – I use bluehost to host my website and also it was recommended by many books too. When you buy bluehost, they also give you a website domain you can use. It’s not expensive and their wordpress installation is very easy to do! Been a happy user of bluehost so far. Highly Recommended! Click to try bluehost.


SiteGround provides very fast speed and very little downtime for users. It has also great support service. It is perfect for first time users who wants a cheap and reliable hosting site for your wordpress page. It is easy to set up and fast. Highly recommended!

Web Hosting

Top Recommended Email List

These are my top recommended email provider to build your list



I use ConvertKit to build my subscriber list and also to manage may email list.

ConvertKit can manage your email list and it is also easy to set up autoresponders with it’s user friendly interface. Setting up segmented emails for my subscribers so that they get specific emails according to their needs has never been so easy. Highly recommended!